About Us

Hello! Happy to see that you found your way to BADesign Company’s website. Here’s a little about us and what the heck is going on with our brand.

Who we are

Artists that don't know what we're doing

We are a collective of artists and designers that have built a site where we can sell the stuff that makes us tick. Every item on the site is something that we would wear. Whether it makes us laugh, tries to make some sort of a point, or just makes us happy to see.

We make stuff that we like and hope you like it too!

BADesign Co. is based out in foggy San Francisco, some days it’s like we’re the only small company that isn’t a tech startup. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. It IS expensive to live here, please buy something so we can afford rent. 

Let us know if you come up with a good way to describe the brand as a whole. We’ve heard a lot, from things like “outdoorsy beach vibes”, “funny designs on clothes” to straight up “leftist trash”, and, to be honest, all those fit.


There is a lot of freedom for our products, because all our products start as things we would enjoy first. That doesn’t mean we don’t care what our customers think though, so feel free to contact us! 

There are many more products and designs to come. We are still trying hard to grow our community and continue making cool stuff. 

We hope you enjoyed our brief introduction. Glad you made it this far!

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We also do custom design work, please contact us for more information!